The Beverage Sector by drinktec

The global leader in the Beverage and Liquid Food industry – drinktec, is now elevating the industry sector dedicated to beverages at EATS.

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With the support of drinktec, the Beverage Sector at EATS will showcase the diverse range of products, equipment, technology, and advancements now and upcoming across the sector.

A strong showing of industry-leading companies will be on hand displaying the latest innovations from design and processing to packaging and distribution. As an event serving both horizontal and vertical approaches, the product categories in EATS encompass each step of the food and beverage production process and can be applied across all industry sectors. Learn more about the breadth of each product category applicable to the Beverage Sector.



Exhibiting in the Beverage Sector

Holding the top position in the beverage industry, drinktec brings credibility to the beverage sector of EATS and solidifies its position in the market as the premier platform for Equipment, Automation, and Technology in the Food and Beverage industry.

With more than 30 countries represented, exhibiting your solutions will increase your brand presence and open the door to meet your next customer. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your latest equipment, products, and services to a diverse audience in the Beverage Sector by drinktec.

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Find all the necessary information here.

Contact for US Exhibitors

Karen Vogelsang

Sales Manager


Contact for International Exhibitors

Lena Dušek

Customer Service

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Cindy Nemedi-Varga

Sales Manager

employee spotlight - Cindy N.

Jörg Gebhard

Sales Manager


Lennart Preuß

Customer Service

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